The Insane Crossover Story Chapter Seven
with help from Vixie

To the leaders of this group:

Whereas I'm certain you will protest against our ways parting, I find it necessary that I and my assistant Pinky return to my lab so I can continue to try to take over the world. The amphibious creature known as Jar Jar has decided to depart along with us.


Your future world leader,


P.S. from Pinky: Narf. Poit. Goodbye, Merry Treat and the rest of you.

P.P.S. from Jar Jar: Meesa goin' now! Maybe meesa seein' youssa guys again!

Such was the letter that Tabby found stuck under Tarquin's backpack the morning after they had departed from Tokyo. "Mm, that's unfortunate," she mumbled, fairly unconcerned.

The rest of the group was beginning to stir from their night's rest. "What's that?" Merry Treat asked curiously as she noted the paper Tabby was staring at.

"Our numbers are really dropping," Tabby said simply, handing the note over to Merry Treat.

"Oh, no!" Merry Treat gasped after scanning it over. "Jar Jar-- and Pinky-- and the Brain--"

"What's going on?" Sailor Jupiter yawned, rolling up her sleeping bag.

"No trouble, I hope," Sailor Mercury added in concern.

"Hey, the mice are gone!" Tarquin said suddenly, rising from his slumber and just beginning to take note of the commotion around him. "They were next to me last night."

"They've left, along with Jar Jar," Merry Treat lamented.

"Oh, dear," Tess sighed. "That means that there's only Tarquin, Spearow, and I--"

"--and me and Merry Treat," Tabby added.

"--and us scouts left," Sailor Venus finished.

"Hey, what are we, chopped liver?" Max demanded.

"Well, you have been known to resemble that particular organ from time to time," Sam added good-naturedly.

"But only when I've had too much to drink."

"You don't drink, Max!" Sam chuckled.

"Oh, yeah," Max replied. "Maybe I should just go take down some wild game for breakfast?" He pulled out a gun.

"I'm beginning to see why Petunia Petal gave up on that Max," Tess sweat-dropped.

"Well, we can't just stand around all day," Sailor Mars prodded. "Let's get moving."

"Right," Sailor Jupiter agreed. "We've got to... we've got to... what was that we were doing?"

"It was something to do with snakes and movies," Tabby recalled.

"Look," Sailor Mars groaned. "Sailor Moon hasn't gotten up yet. We're going to be here all day waiting for her."

"It's really not good to sleep late like she does," Sailor Mercury agreed. "It could--"

"Do you suppose we should wake her up?" Tess asked tentatively, stepping over to Sailor Moon's still body.

Tarquin stepped forward, unsheathing his claws. "I can take care of his." Before anyone could stop him, he had leaped onto the girl's face and had left some burning red marks on it.

"Tarquin!" Tess gasped.

"I couldda done that," Max said.

"You don't even have claws, Max," Sam remarked.

"But I do have big teeth!" Max added.

Tarquin's move did the trick, however. Sailor Moon was immediately back up on her feet. "What happened?! My face!!" she wailed, holding her hands up to it in an attempt to numb the pain. "Who did this?! It hurts! Hey... where am I? Somebody help me!!"

A little while later, the situation had been explained to Sailor Moon, and she was beginning to calm down once some ointment had been applied to the scratches on her face.

"You should get that feature built into your alarm clock, Sailor Moon," Sailor Venus giggled.

"Grr, don't even think it!" Sailor Moon growled.

"Have some cherry pie filling," Tabby offered. "It'll make you feel better."

After everyone had eaten a refreshing breakfast of cherry pie filling, they headed onwards. Spearow scouted ahead, and it didn't seem like they'd be running across any landmarks that would lead them to whatever they were looking for. Not very long after they had started out again, Sailor Mercury made an announcement.

"I have bad news, everybody," she stated, tucking away her palm-top computer.

"A message from the commissioner?!" Sam gasped.

"No, I just got a message from Luna," Sailor Mercury said, looking strangely at Sam.

"Luna? Is everything okay?" Sailor Moon asked anxiously.

"She says we're needed back in Tokyo," Sailor Mercury clarified. "There's a monster attacking."

"The Negaverse must have just been waiting for us to leave," Sailor Mars fumed.

"C'mon! We've got to hurry back!" Sailor Venus cried.

"Eh... what should we do?" Tabby questioned.

"You'd be best to stay out of this," Sailor Jupiter advised. "We wouldn't want you getting hurt."

"I think we should go with them," Merry Treat said firmly. "Or at least I will."

"Oh, a monster is the most fun we've had on this whole trip," Tabby yawned. "I'll tag along."

The Sailor Scouts had already run ahead, and the two ponies and their Pokèmon hurried to catch up, and Sam and Max came along as well. "Won't the city already be ravaged by the time we get back there?" Tabby queried, but no one answered.

The group arrived back in Tokyo in record time. They could see the form of a giant, feathery orange bird hovering over the city.

"That thing would look great mounted on our wall back home!" Max exclaimed.

Luna and Artemis, the two cats, came running towards the scouts. "The Giant Condor was certainly sent by the Negaverse," Luna fretted. "Oh, I'm glad you girls are here!"

"We hurried back as fast as we could," Sailor Venus said.

"It must have struck a deal with them to gain infinite power," Artemis noted. "Be careful, scouts."

"We will!" Sailor Moon promised, and the scouts ran towards the hulking bird in order to unleash their powers upon it.

"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!" Sailor Venus cried.

"Jupiter Thunder Crash!" Sailor Jupiter shouted.

"Mercury Bubbles Blast!" Sailor Mercury screamed.

"Mars Fire Ignite!" Sailor Mars yelled.

"Moon Tiara Magic!" Sailor Moon expressed.

"Ooh, fun," Tabby breathed, watching the impressive show of fire, lightning, fog, and such from the Sailor Scouts' attacks. "Dramatic, too."

"That thing looks almost like a giant Fearow," Tarquin theorized.

The Giant Condor didn't appear to be phased at all by the attacks, and went on flying over the city. The Sailor Scouts were shocked.

"It's very powerful indeed," Sailor Mercury noted.

"We can't give up," Sailor Venus pledged.

"This may be your toughest battle yet, scouts," Artemis said in concern, he and Luna catching up to the girls.

"But if we didn't hurt him at all this time..." Sailor Moon faltered.

Just then, there seemed to be a commotion over on the shore side of the city. A huge, hulking green mass was emerging from the water. It was... Godzilla! The humongous monster crashed through buildings, heading towards the Giant Condor.

"EEK!" Max shrieked. "It's a guy in a big rubber suit and he's smashing a model of Tokyo!"

"Wrong, little buddy," Sam said calmly. "That's Godzilla, king of the monsters and star of numerous Japanese monster flicks."

"OOH! Do ya think Raymond Burr might be around somewhere?"

"It's Godzilla!" Sailor Mars exclaimed. "What's he doing here?"

"He must have come to help fight against the Giant Condor," Luna reasoned.

Godzilla was steadily making his way towards the condor. Buildings fell in his wake as he let out the occasional scream. The gathered assembly, even the Sailor Scouts themselves, stood motionless in spellbound silence as the scene before them unfolded.

Godzilla was obviously getting excited, as he was jumping up in the air and throwing his arms up, still screeching from time to time. This behavior really only caused more destruction to the city, but everyone was rooting for the mutated dinosaur. He let out another screech as he made more movements with his arms.

All of a sudden, Godzilla blasted the Giant Condor with a hazy green blast emitted from his mouth. Again, it appeared to have no effect on the bird.

"Giant Condor, Gust Attack, N--" Tabby began to shout out before stopping herself . "Oh, yeah!" she recalled. "This isn't a Pokèmon battle, is it?"

"The Giant Condor is gaining more power," Artemis noted.

The Giant Condor began to flap his wings, creating a powerful wind, hanging in the air as if suspended there. The gust caught Godzilla, and he was pushed to the ground and proceeded to pretend as if he were being blown from side to side, screaming all the while. The stray piece of debris flew by once in awhile, along with dust, as if giant fans were blowing just off camera.

Just as everyone thought all hope was lost, Godzilla managed to right himself, destroying another building in the process. Godzilla was back in the action! He jumped up and down several times triumphantly.

"Personally, I think this would be a lot better with a big American budget and some extensive CGI special effects," Max commented.

"Maybe with Matthew Broderick in the starring role," Sam added.

"Yes, but the critics would never go for it," Max corrected.

"Anything would be better than this crud, Max," Sam said.

The Giant Condor circled in the sky again and came back with another attack at Godzilla. White streaks of lightning-like energy came out of his eyes, striking everything around Godzilla. The occasional blast did hit Godzilla, creating a large booming explosion and an insincere howl of pain.

Godzilla had only managed to knock into a few more buildings before getting knocked down again by the Giant Condor's eyebeams. Godzilla tossed around, his tail striking several complexes.

"He's down again!" Sailor Moon said anxiously.

Luckily, Godzilla was still not done for, and got back up on his hind legs, doing another victory dance. He waved his arms at the Giant Condor.

Without warning, the Giant Condor swooped down from the sky towards Godzilla. The scouts stifled a gasp, but Godzilla was quick and grabbed the bird as it came past him. The Giant Condor screeched, and Godzilla screamed back.

"Godzilla has nearly defeated him!" Sailor Mercury cheered.

"I like Pokèmon battles better," Tabby commented. "There's usually less of a mess afterwards."

Godzilla kept a firm grip on the Giant Condor while doing a few more dance steps. He charged back towards the bay, smashing more things and creating more destruction while wielding the condor.

"Row, spear, row!" Spearow chattered excitedly. Perhaps this Giant Condor was a distant relative of his.

With a humongous smash, Godzilla slammed the Giant Condor into the sea. Everyone hardly dared breath to see what the outcome would be. But, after the waves had calmed, there was no sign of the bird. He was gone, sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Godzilla jumped and waved. He had had his fun for the day. He turned back to the ocean himself, his tail managing to strike one last standing establishment. Wading in, the giant monster swam away into the sunset.

"Yes! Godzilla saved the day!" the Sailor Scouts cheered.

"And caused more damage than the condor, too!" Max added.

"That's such a nice ending," Tabby sniffled.

"Do you think we defeated the Negaverse this time, Artemis and Luna?" Sailor Venus questioned.

"You girls did a good job," Luna confirmed. "I'm sure your attacks did weaken the Giant Condor. Godzilla couldn't have done it without you."

"I guess we'd better stay here now," Sailor Jupiter commented. "If we leave again, the Negaverse will just do this same thing over."

"We'll miss having you guys around," Merry Treat said. "Maybe we'll meet again."

"Spear, row," Spearow agreed.

"I'm getting sick of this adventuring, anyway," Tabby sighed. "What do you say we just head back to Dream Valley?"

"That's probably not a bad idea, considering we don't know what we went out to do," Tess commented.

"It was nice having you ponies around," Luna said graciously. "Good luck on getting home!"

"Yes, we'll always remember you," Sailor Mercury added.

"As for me, I could really go for some cheesecake after this," Sailor Moon said suddenly. "I don't think the cake shop was destroyed."

"Sounds great to me! Alright! Let's go!" With the chorus of replies, the Sailor Scouts ran off down the street. Luna and Artemis followed after at a slower pace, saying their goodbyes to Tabby, Merry Treat, Tarquin, Tess, Spearow, Sam, and Max.

And with that, they went on their way again, leaving Tokyo, the Sailor Scouts, and Godzilla behind.

To be continued...

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