“Fashion” Polly Pocket

When Polly Pocket was brought back by Mattel in the late 1990’s, a spin-off “Fashion Polly” line was also introduced featuring Polly and her friends as 3 3/4″ dolls with rubbery plastic fashions. Eventually these new Fashion Pollys won out over the traditional mini dolls and playsets, and the bigger dolls were now sold under the true Polly Pocket logo. Mini dolls were brought back for a few years with the Polly Wheels collection, but the larger fashion dolls are by far the biggest part of the franchise. This site deals with the 3 3/4″ dolls, and the rubber clothes have diversified into fabric, magnetic, and pull-apart fashions. Click on the year links to view details of individual sets, or see the gallery below for in-package pictures.

I have converted the old site to this new format – appearance may be a little rough in areas, but all the basic data and images should be showing. If you encounter any broken links, let me know. Set names that are not links do not have pages yet.