Wild Fire Makes a Friend
written by Salaries

Author's note: The main characters in this story are from a race of spirits- spirits of pure good and spirits of pure evil who have been at war with one another for centuries. Two of these spirits, one of good and one of evil, fell in love and had a child. When the other spirits heard of this, they cast the family of three out of the spirit world to live a mortal life on earth.

On a cold winter day, a new pony family came to Dream Valley and moved in to one of the middle class housing projects. The stallion was a white pegasus with a silver mane and tail, light blue eyes, and a symbol of a halo on his side; the mare was a red unicorn with a crimson red mane and tail, flaming red eyes, and the symbol of a pitchfork. The filly was a red unicorn with a flaming orange mane and tail, reddish-orange eyes, and the symbol of a dancing flame. If you stood near these ponies you would feel a radiant energy about them.

As the family sat down to breakfast, the mare looked at her husband with a worried expression on her face. "Salaries, do you think it is wise for us to live amongst mortals?"

"Yes," said the stallion with a smile on his face, "if we are to live on earth we must coexist with the other ponies. If not for our sake," and he put his hoof over his wife's hoof, "for our daughter's." He looked at the filly setting next to her mother.

"I guess you are right," the mare sighed.

As they finished breakfast, Salaries got ready for work; he was a history professor for Pony Pride, with excellent qualifications as he had witnessed the past first-hoof. As he got ready to leave, he kissed his wife and child and told his daughter not to use her spirit powers, unless he or her mother gave her permission.

"I won't, Father," the filly said as she smiled at him.

"That's a good filly." He smiled at his daughter in return and then turned to his wife, giving her another kiss before leaving for work.

"All right, Wild Fire, it's time to start your first day at school," Devilin said as she got their jackets. She walked with her daughter to the administrative building at the school.

"Very well, Mrs. Devilin, we seem to have everything in order," the secretary said as she put papers in a file cabinet and called out to another mare. "Mrs. Sun Bright, would you take Wild Fire to her first class?"

"Yes, ma'am!" And a bright yellow mare came to take Wild Fire's hoof. Devilin bent down and gave her daughter a kiss; then they waved goodbye to each other as Wild Fire was guided to her class.

When they reached the classroom, Sun Bright knocked on the door, and it was opened by an elderly pony. "Miss Hackney, this is Wild Fire and she will be attending your class," the yellow pony explained, pointing to the filly next to her.

"Welcome!" Miss Hackney greeted Wild Fire as she looked down at the filly and took her hoof to guide her into the classroom. As they walked across the room, Wild Fire gazed at the other foals in their seats. Miss Hackney stood in front of the class with Wild Fire and cleared her throat. "Class, this is Wild Fire; I would like to have each of you stand up and give her your name." Each student did this, and when they were finished Miss Hackney showed Wild Fire her seat and started teaching class.

After three hours of studying, the school bell rang for recess. Out on the playground, Wild Fire strolled around and looked at the other foals playing together; then she saw some older foals picking on a young filly, who was on the ground. The filly had a purple body with lavender mane and tail, with the symbol of a bouquet of daffodils. Wild Fire walked towards them and saw the tears in the filly's eyes. "Leave her alone!" the new filly growled at the older foals in front of her.

"And what are you going to do to stop us?" one of the foals said, towering over Wild Fire.

Wild Fire simply stared back at the colt and her eyes began to glow a fiery red. The colt's eyes began to show fear and his face became pale; he started screaming and ran away. When she turned towards the other foals, they, too, ran away.

With that accomplished, Wild Fire walked towards the filly. "Are you all right?"

The filly wiped the tears from her eyes and stood up. "I think so," she said while brushing dust off her body. Just then, the bell rang to start class once more, and the two had to run back to the classroom.

In class, Wild Fire thought to herself, "Why did I feel that I had to save that filly from those bullies? She meant nothing to me and yet when I saw her in tears, something within me wanted to help her." Wild Fire had never had this feeling before and did not know how to handle it.

When the lunch bell rang, Wild Fire went to the cafeteria to get something to eat and then went to one of the outside benches to sit down. As she ate, the filly she had helped at recess came to sit with her. "I would like to thank you for saving me from those mean ponies at recess," the filly announced.

Wild Fire looked at her and gave her a small, tentative smile, not being sure what to say.

"My name is Baby Daffodil. What's yours?" the filly asked, gazing at Wild Fire with her big violet eyes.

Without looking back at Baby Daffodil, Wild Fire answered, "I am called Wild Fire."

"Oh, Wild Fire sounds so dangerous and wild!" Baby Daffodil grinned. "That was really something, how you stared down those bullies. Do you live in Dream Valley?"

Wild Fire looked at Baby Daffodil and wondered why she was so interested in her. "What do you want with me?" she grumbled.

Baby Daffodil lowered her eyes and with a trembling lower lip said, "I just thought we could be friends."

A friend? I never had a friend before, Wild Fire thought to herself as she gazed at Baby Daffodil, feeling something warm in her heart.

Wild Fire stood up from where she was standing and walked over to Baby Daffodil, placing her foreleg on her shoulder. "I would like to be friends with you," she said with a smile. Baby Daffodil looked up into Wild Fire's eyes and gave a big grin.

The bell rang to go back to class, and the two friends walked together back to the classroom.

After school ended for the day, Wild Fire and Baby Daffodil met at the front door and started toward their homes walking side-by-side. Baby Daffodil queried of Wild Fire, "I never found out where you lived."

"I live at 618 Pony Lane in the subdivision," Wild Fire explained.

"No way, I live on the same road, at 619! We're neighbors! Isn't that wild?" Baby Daffodil enthused.

Wild Fire looked at the excited Baby Daffodil and only gave a big smile in response.

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